Learn-to-Race p/b MEC

Starts April 24th!

Learn to ride (and race!) your road bike every Monday from April to August (excluding holidays).

With almost 20 years of teaching riders how to race, Midweek Learn-to-Race p/b MEC returns to Tahoe Blvd and Buckhorn Cres. People of all ages, abilities and genders are welcome! Coaches and experienced instructors will be on hand to conduct learn to race clinics, encouraging fun, confidence and skills training. Clinics cover (but are not limited to): cornering, sprinting, pack handling skills, echelons, race tactics, bumping wheels, energy conservation, and more. Riders (including youth) are split into smaller groups of similar ability to keep the sessions fun and safe. Our circuit to closed to all traffic except LTR attendees.

Even if you're not road racing, but just want to improve your bike handling skills for triathlons, Grand Fondos, or charity rides, LTR is for you.

Sign in at 6:30pm; sessions get rolling at 7:00pm.

Helmets mandatory. Participants must have a valid OCA Citizen Permit or UCI Road License. Visit the Ontario Cycling Association for more information.

More information soon.


Midweek Criterium Race Series

SERIES starts April 11th!

#MWCrit returns to Tahoe Blvd and Buckhorn Cres for another exciting season of Tuesday night racing!

EARLY RACE - For those who want a slightly slower pace, need more race wisdom, or are new to the sport. All new riders below Elite 1/2 or Master 1 categories must start at the Early Race if they haven't previously participated in the Midweek Criterium Race Series. Experienced marshals will be in peloton to keep the race safe. Early Race is open to U17 racers who have previously raced an OCA Youth Cup event (Road or Track). Younger riders who have been certified at Midweek Learn- to-Race may be approved at the discretion of Midweek and Race Officials.

LATE RACE - For those who have done well in the Early Race and been promoted. Riders may start the Late Race if they raced it the previous season. New participants who are Elite 1/2 or Master 1 may start the Late Race at discretion of Race Officials.

More information soon.


Riders consistently dropped by the pack may be asked not to participate for the safety of the peloton. Upgrades/downgrades at the sole discretion of Midweek and Race Officials. Riders caught littering, not using public facilities, acting in contrary to a "sporting spirit", or generally disrespectful or unsafe will be disqualified and not allowed to return. Equipment rules follow UCI/CCA rules and do not allow tri-bars or extensions, fixed-gear bikes, or disc brakes. Helmets mandatory.

Centennial CX p/b Bateman's Bicycle Company


Located under the Ski Hill lights of Centennial Park, this weekly cyclocross series is a skills clinic, a training circuit, and race practice all rolled into one. Every week a different course is set up for you to come and get your 'cross on. People of all ages, abilities and genders are welcome! Our friends at Bateman's Bicycle Company will be on hand if you're looking for bits of gear, supplies, or maybe even a new ride.

Course is best tackled on a dedicated CX bike, but even an old mountain bike will work just fine.

Bring your timing chip from Midweek Crit or receive a new one at your first session. You'll be able to see how you did in training and the end of night race. Results will include accurate GPS representation of the course each week!

Registration opens at 6pm. We get rolling at 6:30pm and go until 8:30pm or when everyone is too tired to continue.


Midweek Cycling Club Group Rides

All group ride attendees must bring a valid UCI/CP license and wear a helmet while on the bike. Always adhere to the Highway Traffic Act and listen to your ride leader.

More information soon.

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